Roundheads and Cavaliers

Well… in my last post I said I’d not done anything for 27 years. That isn’t true I’ve just remembered. In 2000 my son was born and as he grew older I decided that the young chap should see what his Dad USED to do and also to see if said Dad could actually still DO. So in 2007 I decided that I would invest in some Minifigs ECW troops, Cavalry and Artillery and assemble two armies for me and him (when he was older) to battle with.

The miniatures began to arrive and to my great relief I hadn’t lost the knack at all in 20 years. I bought quite a few Parliament troops and had started building up my Royalists when I just gave up. I used to paint them at work during spare moments but then changed jobs and thus the production line I had developed at work went out of the window.

A view of one of the Parliament Guns

One of the nice things about ECW troops is the amount of armour some guys have so they were perfect for drybrushing and the Minifig range have some really lovely sculpted figures.

Cromwell’s cavalry¬†

I decided on painting the pre-new model army era as firstly painting all the Parliament troops in Red seemed VERY VERY boring to me and how much better it would be to have free range on the colour schemes.

The Royalists of The Northumberland Regt stand firm supported by artillery

The Royalists of course also could wear any type of uniform so it seemed ideal to me.

Really need to finish some pikes
Pikes are so bendy though
Some Napoleonic men join the action, watched by Gandalf the Grey.
These were the full amount of Prince August figures I had painted 20 years earlier.
The left flank of the Parliament troops featuring Cromwell.
Fairfax on the left wing
The Royalist centre

So quite a few troops done and I may well resurrect this project soon now that I have some extra Revell Swedish and Imperial troops to add in to this collection so watch this space.