Tank Battles

In 1976 Airfix brought out the Gun Emplacement assault set

Take this Fritz!

From what I recall apart from the 4 different armoured vehicles shown on the cover art you got a set of Commandos and a set of British Infantry plus one set of German infantry defenders (if not two seeing as they are seriously out numbered plus some rudimentary sand bag redoubts. I have to say I spent MANY MANY hours playing with this set and I am pleased to say it is still in production. So, I may well invest in a set for nostalgias sake as I really loved that armour so next time I go to the National Army Museum  (currently closed at time of writing for a revamp) I’ll see if they have it.

Another thing I spent many hours playing with was the excellent Tank Battle game. There is a great Youtube video about it.

Oberst Fritz Von Pickelhaube takes on the Tommy Cookers

This was a cracker. You got three objective buildings six tanks a a number of anti-tank guns. There were little flags for the tanks too that served some purpose that escapes me now. I think once you killed enough tanks or something you could then move diagonally? Summat like that anyway. There were hidden minefields on there too so a really well thought out game. I buy quite a lot of figures on Ebay and in one batch of unwanted Airfix figures there was one of the anti-tank guns from this game in there which brought a tear to my eye. *Sniff*. Of course the tanks and guns could easily be used with all my WWII airfix men so massive battles could now take place in the back garden with trenches dug and craters created by borrowing my dads hammer.