The British are Coming


I Decided last month to start up a new project as I had begun building up a few sets of the Airfix Washingtons army and British Grenadiers sets and then splurged out on some Ebay bids including twice when I managed to get over 240 figures for 7 quid!!! All in all I must have managed to accumulate at least 7 sets of each from these various sources, certainly enough to make 7 battalions of each army. One of my kind subscribers also sent me some Revell 7 years war Austrian Artillery which would easily fit in as artillery of the period so I painted those as Continental army gunners. I am also using the 7 years war Prussian command set and both of those sets fit in very nicely added to a box of Imex British artillery and Imex American Artillery. All I am missing now are a couple of squadrons of cavalry.Painting has progressed quite rapidly on this one so the latest video I have uploaded is here:



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