My Wargames table and figures

Last weekend in March I finally finished setting up a wargames table using block wood, old pinboards and some astroturf i managed to get from Lidl for 10 quid! All in all the table cost £21.90 which is a bargain by any stretch of the imagination. I have added a short video on my Youtube channel


Counting up the figures I have very nearly 1000 painted now and if that has taken me exactly 3 years that is 28 figures or just shy of a battalion a month which is not bad at all. Bear in mind I have also been spending some of that time creating videos and terrain so quite an achievement I would say.  Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to post any comments.


4 thoughts on “My Wargames table and figures

  1. Hi, thanks for your videos, they are an inspiration to keep my Napoleonic collection going. I’d like ask if you could recommend any metal figures that would fit in well with my plastics, Hat, Airfix, Italleri’s? I’m struggling a bit with the Austrians. I see you have Prince August……..any good?

    Cheers for help



    1. Hi Justin

      hope you are checking out all my videos, just uploaded another one yesterday as IO have moved on to AWI figures now and enjoying that. The Prince August figures are ok but much larger that 1/72 scale. Well… most of them anyway and it’s an investment starting up with the moulds but I still like them and cast a few every now and then. For metals you could have a look at these I try and stick with plastics for the sheer cost and pick up lots of cheap sets on ebay or at Salute or SELWG. Also some of the guys I hang out with on the Miniature Modelling Mayhem facebook page or even my subscribers send me figures they don’t want. Which sets have you done so far as I am sure I can spare you some of my unpainted hordes?


      1. Hi, thanks for you reply, yes I think I’ve watched most of your videos and have subscribed to your channel. It’s my intention to stick with plastics but was thinking about bolstering my collection with a few metals but its hard to find figures that are a matching size. I’m a bit fussy about scale. I started painting plastics last october……….48 for a fiver!! So far I’ve painted up a French light infantry battalion of 54 figs a squadron of French hussars, baggage wagons and currently italleris French general staff. When that’s finished I’d like to start work on some Austrians so I’ve been nosing around, grabbed a box of Hat Infantry and a box of cavalry guns. I’m currently on the look out for Austrian grenadiers.


      2. Hi Justin, I have done all of those sets apart from the Austrian Grenadiers so I may well get some of those at some point and some Landwehr and Grenzers but trying to finish all the War of Independence guys first. I know what you mean about scale as there is a hell of a variety of what are termed 1/72 scale figures but you have to deal with the hand you are given I suppose.


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