Back in the fold

I can’t remember what spurred me back into action, I suspect it was probably a trip to the National Army museum where I spotted some Airfix 1/32 scale Desert rats so bought them and some Afrika Corps on another visit. Anyway they were my first foray back into painting and I made a decent effort at them.

rat2 rats1 rat1

Just before the release of ‘The Hobbit’ some blister packs appeared in the shops with a really nice figure in them so I had to collect the lot.

Radagast the Brown
Radagast the Brown

gollum1 gollum2

hobbits2 hobbits3



These were a joy to paint and at the same time I had a dig through an old box of 1/72 figures a friend had donated to me and found some Airfix French line Infantry and some ESCI French line Infantry so started painting those too.


Now that I was finally back into painting my Dad commissioned me to paint some sailors for his HMS Victory.

sailorsSo now I was back in full swing again at it was round about April 2014 I decided to go to my first ever Salute convention at the Excel centre.


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